Advantage Recycling Pays You For Your Recyclable Scrap Metal Materials!

Getting Paid for Scrap

We make getting paid for your recyclables quick, easy and safe. Advantage Recycling pays competitive prices for all recyclable materials. Scrap metal prices change so frequently, we canít provide a price quote online, but be assured, we always pay top dollar for your scrap!

Have questions about what type of scrap items we buy? Click here for an easy-to-understand list of what we accept.

Getting Paid for Scrap is as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Bring your scrap to an Advantage Recycling facility. Follow the signs to the proper scale.
  2. After your scrap is graded and weighed, you will receive a material receiving ticket.
  3. Take your material receiving ticket to the cashier and you will be paid promptly.
Advantage Recycling Locations
Terre Haute
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Never Sold Scrap Before?

Don’t know what to expect when you come to Advantage Recycling? We make selling scrap a breeze, even if you are a first time visitor. Just stop in at our well-marked office. Our clean, safe facilities are easy to navigate thanks to clear signage with easy-to-follow instructions. Our friendly, helpful staff is here to guide you through each step and answer questions.

Environmental Responsibility

Mervis Industries and Advantage Recycling are committed to being an industry leader in compliance with the latest federal, state, and local recycling laws and environmental regulations. Our customers can feel comfortable knowing that their recyclables are being handled in an environmentally responsible way.